Godot 3.0: TileMaps imported from Tiled are present, but empty

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By gamerkat

My problem: TileMaps imported from Tiled have the proper Tile Set resource assigned, but the maps themselves are blank.

I’m using the latest version of Godot (via Steam), and the Tiled Map Importer plugin, 2.0, from the asset library. The tiles are 16x16 pixels and contain no collision data, or anything else.

I don’t get any errors when importing the .tmx file (along with the .tsx tileset and the .png graphics sheet), but when I open the imported .tmx file (whether viewing the original or opening it as an instance in a new scene), all the TileMap nodes are empty. All the layers I used in Tiled are present and set to visible; they’re just blank.

I’m completely at a loss here. I’ve tried reimporting everything multiple times, exporting the map as a .json file instead. I can use the imported .tsx tilesets just fine. I haven’t changed the default settings for either the plugin or Tiled.

I don’t know what I might be missing or doing wrong, or if this is just a bug outside my control, but any assistance would be appreciated.


Edit: Images added.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Socrates

When you say “importing the .tmx file (along with the .tsx tileset and the .png graphics sheet)” do you mean that you’re moving them into your project after creating the tilemap? I think this could cause the problem you describe, since the .tmx file references the location of the tileset on the disk. If nothing works you can file a bug report at Issues · vnen/godot-tiled-importer · GitHub

Sorry for my lack of clarity. I’ve added screenshots to my original post to help explain. I work on the files outside the project folder and then copy them in when I want to see them in-game, so the files are in their original locations and inside the project.

Edit: I just noticed my .tsx files are apparently associated with GIMP. I’m not sure how that happened; I mostly just use paint.net, and they shouldn’t be associated with either, anyway…

gamerkat | 2018-03-13 15:02