GODOT 3.5.3 Preview viewport not popping up when play is hit

GODOT 3.5.3

Hello all,
Very simple question. I’m sure its been answered somewhere. Just haven’t run across the answer… yet. May just have to dl another version. If this topic has been addressed please point me to the Topic.

In most of the tutorial videos I have watched so far when someone hits the play scene button a popup window of what the camera sees when the scene is played pops up and the dev can see what they have set up occurring. When I hit play f6 or the play scene button the output doc says
— Debugging process started —
Godot Engine v3.5.3.stable.official.6c814135b - LINK HERE
And the play button turns into a replay button and it seems to be playing but I get no popup viewport of what’s going on. Sure wont be able to get much of anything done like this. Any suggestions? If this feature has been updated away I think it is pretty pitiful that there is no popup view port and Im expected to do something about it. Is this just a broken version? Should I just give up DL another version and start again or can I fix this easily somehow? Just a box that isn’t ticked somewhere? Do I need to make my own viewport or something?

Here is the tutorial vid I was trying to follow. He presses play around 19:15. I admit its a tut for 3.2 but I cant see why this feature would ever get removed in any version. You need to see what you build to make stuff. Hitting play should make you able to see what happens when play is hit across all versions. There shouldn’t be any issues cropping up here. The play button should just work.

do you mean the debug window?

it doesnt show up in your godot?

I really appreciate you taking the time to address this. In the screen shot you sent I see a big window encompassing most of the scene That says Projects[DEBUG] at the top. I am not sure how you made that popup window but in this video the guy just hits play and a window showing what happens when he hits play pops up and we can see the ridgid body fall off screen.

Here is a screen shot from his vid. As you can see his window does not say Projects [DEBUG] the way yours does. His appears to say Platformer game.

For me when I hit play I get no pop up.

So here you can see that when I press play apparently there is a pop up that is getting created. I just noticed this because it was not popping up in front. That may be what I need to do, Make it always in front. Either way now that I have found it I cannot get it to show. When I try to click on it and look at it nothing happens and I am left looking at the first window of docs. Over and over I try to click on this window but cannot bring it up or select it. I am starting to think there is just something wrong with this version. I may just need to DL another.

yea, i have no idea how he removed the (debug) there

so you are having issues to play it
looks like a bug, why it’s full white?

According to the title of that window I do indeed have a window there that says my project name and[DEBUG] next to it. So yes, you are correct. That is the windo I am having trouble with.
I was at first wrong about how it was not being created. The engine tries to make it. I just cant bring it up maximize it or even select it to make it visable and from the little preview you can see at the bottom of the screen when I hover over the godot icon in my task bar it does not look like the view is loading properly. just a white screen.

So if that is indeed just a bug it is probably for sure time to DL another version. Fair enough, and it makes sense there is nothing about this anywhere. could have just been a corrupt DL.

Thank you so much for the help!!! I could have been at that for a lot longer thinking good features had just been updated away. I understand the need for competitive updates but something like no way to see the work would have been ridiculous.

highly possible yeah, oh so it’s all good now?

Well, Ill have to re DL but I wont spend any more time trying to fix this if it is indeed just a glitch. That is a lot of time saved and I really appreciate the prompt feedback about it being a bug. Knowing is everything and ai google the documentation and the tut vids were not helping with that one.

Just so everything is very clear. Downloaded the latest 4.2.1 and the play window defiantly pops up fine without any complex fiddling. That fixes any issue I had and this was a very fast and helpful place to ask. It worked a whole lot better than asking chat gpt!

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