Godot 3 vs Godot 4 - mobile games


Take a look here:

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I haven’t published to Google play, but my apk files run fine from Godot 3.

No one has complained about the Android build for my latest project, so I’m going to assume they are having no issues running it.

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I found a bug that caused GLES3 crash in old devices, take a look here:

Was an old Godot 3.2 bug, but I think it was propagated to the 4.2 version too.


Good luck

I am really thinking of using libgdx instead :joy:

Choosing Between Godot 4.2 and 3.5 for Mobile Games: A Breakdown

The choice between Godot 4.2 and 3.5 for mobile game development depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Godot 4.2:

  • Pros:
    • Newer technology: Vulkan API support offers better performance and graphics on compatible devices.
    • Improved editor: More user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows.
    • 2D improvements: Tilemaps, shaders, and performance enhancements for 2D games.
    • Long-term future: Being the latest stable version, 4.2 will receive updates and bug fixes for longer.
  • Cons:
    • Mobile limitations: C# export to mobile is still under development (though planned for future updates). GLES2 is dropped, potentially affecting older devices.
    • Learning curve: New features and API changes might require adapting existing knowledge.
    • Fewer community resources: As a newer version, 4.2 has less community support and tutorials compared to 3.5.

Godot 3.5:

  • Pros:
    • Proven mobile track record: Stable and reliable for mobile game development, with C# export readily available.
    • Mature ecosystem: Extensive documentation, tutorials, and community support.
    • Wider device compatibility: Supports GLES2, reaching a larger range of older devices.
  • Cons:
    • Older technology: Might lack the graphical fidelity and performance of Vulkan in 4.2.
    • Editor limitations: Less user-friendly interface compared to 4.2’s improvements.
    • Limited future updates: As a legacy version, 3.5 will eventually stop receiving major updates.

Biggest Problems with Mobile Games in Godot 4:

  • C# export limitations: Currently not supported for mobile in 4.2, requiring GDScript or waiting for future updates.
  • GLES2 deprecation: Dropping GLES2 support might exclude older devices from your target audience.
  • Vulkan adoption: While offering better performance, Vulkan might not be supported by all target devices.

Future Fixes and Device Compatibility:

  • The C# export issue is actively being worked on and expected to be resolved in future 4.x updates.
  • Vulkan adoption on mobile devices is steadily increasing, but GLES3 will likely remain relevant for older devices for some time.

imho, focus on gameplay, not tech. Both Godot 4 and 3 work fine with enough devices. If your game fails, it certainly won’t be because of which version of Godot you chose. Nor would I listen to any performance reasons - there are many ways to optimize performance, and you shouldn’t be using built-in physics engine anyway from what I read. Vampire Survivors lagged on some devices and who cares? It made no difference.

Pick w/e engine you’re most productive in, and build the best gameplay you can given your resource limitations. Eeeeeevery other consideration is in a distant, distant, diiiiiistant 2nd place.

2 cents, cheers and gl!!


5there are further differences if one plans to release via HTML5 aka Web aka Javascript (= technically also mobile). E.g. Godot 3 offers smaller exports size, Godot 4 with C# can’t export HTML5…

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Someone knows when the c# will be fully functional (mobile/web/desktop) in 4.2 ?
Where can i see roadmap?

See discussion in: Document missing C# web export templates due to lack of upstream support · Issue #70796 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

Thanks. In short, it looks like a lot of a mess—supported, not supported, experimental, not experimental. Hard to understand.

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All i learnt from this mess is if your targeted audiance is newer devices than go with 4.x and if your targeted audience is older devices than go with 3.x

Try to take a look here :wink: