Godot 3.x EventPlayer

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By gejza


Is it planned on the version 3.x the EventPlayer possibility, as in version 2 ?
I just ask it because i don’t know, the new music core allow it or not.
I think not i’m the only one, who want play xm or mod tracker music.
And i think everybody knows, tracker music need much less place.

(Nice to see the evolution of this great engine)

Why is down voted?
1 Minute wav is about 10 MB. For background music in mobile world it’s not really good option. Ok, ogg is about 1 MB. With xm is much smaller. The FMOD library use also tracker format, and that’s used by big engines, companies too.
And if the chibixm is already implemented in godot version 2.x, then why would be wrong to use it, parallel with wav, and ogg playing capability?

gejza | 2018-03-28 17:10

I just upvoted this. Looking forward to it being added back in. MOD music is in the 10kb range and sound amazing. They can go for as long as you want and barely get any bigger, because it’s all just note data, which is great for atmospheric background music, while keeping the download size small.

Domarius | 2018-05-23 10:17