Godot 4.3 beta on windows 11 arm (snap dragon x elite)

“Hi everyone, I’ve installed Godot 4.3 beta on my new laptop with an win11 ARM processor. (snap dragon x elite) While running it in x86 emulation mode works fine, using the OpenGL driver is quite slow due to the lack of ARM optimization. However, I compiled the source code natively for the ARM 64-bit processor using Visual Studio Community 2022, everything went smoothly, and I obtained a native ARM executable. The only issue is that upon launching Godot, it complains about missing OpenGL support and exit. When I force Vulkan as the driver from the command line, it works perfectly and is very fast, without draining the battery. Now my question is: Is an official release (4.3) planned for ARM 64 versions? I certainly hope so. What are your thoughts? Thanks, everyone! Bye.”

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Hey! How did you manage to force Vulkan?

launch from command line or create a .bat

godot.windows.editor.arm64.exe --rendering-driver vulkan

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