Godot 4 keeps crashing for me, but 3 has issues... I'm conflicted

I have done rants like this before, and I apologize if it’s getting annoying… but honestly, I am getting annoyed by this.

Godot 4 keeps crashing. Zero explanation, I can do just about anything and it just closes down. Godot 3, on the other hand, doesn’t like when I import a lot of assets for my games - and I am at the point where I can make higher quality games now, so I sort of need to be able to expand on what I can import.

IDK what to do. Another dev which I am just helping recreate a game tried Godot and claimed he had the exact same issues with 3.x as I did- freezing or crashing on import. What could possibly be the root cause of Godot 3 giving issues, and 4 just crashing all the time? I would offer a demo of it if I could, but I gave the demo for this other dev to use for this game.

Disclaimer: I am not working for this guy, I am just helping as I have loved this game he’s trying to remake for, like, forever. Plus, this might be a nice thing to mention on a resume for if I ever want to do anything serious.

There could be lots of reasons and without specifics it’s hard to judge. Do you know why it’s crashing? Could you run from command line to see what prints? Is it specific asset causing an issue?

I’m sure there are other levels of debugging. But we need a scientific approach to understand the issue.

I haven’t run into many issues since 4.1 release and greater, but I’m not messing with many assets ATM. With Godot 4 I have had to update my 2011 laptop because the iGPU driver didn’t support Vulcan. Godot 4.0 crashes randomly a lot.

I’m not very skilled in using the command line. What do I type?

Also, what assets are used doesn’t seem to matter with Godot 4.