Godot 4 online issues

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By RebiDesi

Hello, I’ve been trying to get Godot 4’s online multiplayer features to work, but I’m having issues getting it to function properly

I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong, so I downloaded this pre-made Godot 4 multiplayer project, but I’m having the same issue
Everything works fine when it’s run through the localhost address, but when I replace the local address with my IPv4 address, it just gets stuck trying to connect before timing out. I’ve forwarded the port both UDP and TCP. This is starting to get really frustrating, as I genuinely don’t understand what the issue is.

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Simply port forwarding isn’t enough.

Is your IPv4 address is dedicated, static and uniquely given from your ISP? AFAIK most of home user IP are shared dynamic and can change from time to time. So, it is common for multiple users to share the same IP address provided by their ISP to conserve IPv4 addresses, which are limited in availability.

The best way to check your game accessibility “online” is to rent a digitalocean or other vps server for a day, then turn it off afterwards.