Godot developer job in Shanghai, China

Hey guys. I’m Kai, founder of lucidream.cn, a new independent studio dedicated to creating interactive narrative games that combine real action footage, AI content, and VR experiences. I am also the director of Codename: Daybreak, a full motion video (FMV) game that will be distributed by Tencent at the end of the year.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop with Godot.
  • Code server stuff.
  • Compile Godot (if needed).


  • 2+ years Godot.
  • Server-side chops.

Putuo District, Shanghai, China

How to Apply:
Send your resume to kaikevinhuang@qq.com

cant access the .cn domain and if i put .com i can, also cool project

This looks really interesting, I am looking for an opportunity to go to China. I wish I had a portfolio, but caught up in work and other stuff :frowning: