Godot for audio-visual installation (generative music, projection mapping)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By woodwindblues


I am a musician and work a lot with interactive audio-visual installations. I am thinking about switching from Max MSP / openFrameworks to a game engine for the developement of my installations.

Does Godot’s Audio Engine have features that would allow me to program generative music (music that is not pre-determined but generated & synthesized/sampled according by an algorithm and user input)?

Does Godot have features that allow for projection mapping (using one or multiple projectors to project visuals on buildings, objects, ect and the video beeing mapped/warped to fit the things it’s projected on)?

I’ve read through the docs, but could not find answers or examples for these usecases. It would be great, if somewone could shed some light on these questions.

Thank you!