Godot for complex GUI non-game-related applications

Go on the web and search a cross-platform GUI framework for any language - These are the top results:


Now, see the documentation. You, believe me, are going to have a headache learning from those tutorials. The frameworks are HARD, and not AT ALL convenient. Then, you get an idea! But, you’re not sure if it’ll work out: Use Godot To Create Complex GUI apps(Not at all games).
These apps range from social media, to tools, to etc. Is there any Real(Not official app, or not created FOR godot, or for smth game related) app that does this?


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…and forums:

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Thanks for replying! That was quick! I’ve checked them out and surely, the tools are awesome! But is it possible to use it for social media apps(or similar?)

a social media app could be just about anything. is it a simple app? are you a novice programmer? there isn’t enough information in this discussion to answer that question.

to start, review the design documents you created for your app, determine what functionality your app needs and have a look at the built-in godot control nodes.

from there write some test scripts and review the documentation so you can make an informed decision.

I’m a long time advocate of Godot as a replacement for Qt, React and the like, my first forays with it in this regard started in 2018.

Here’s a quick list of non-game tools/applications made with Godot:

Trello-like interface made with Godot (source-code - shameless plug, made by me):

And book about making Business applications with Godot:

Educational tool for engineering students:


A Point of Sales software:


And another list of tools (but mostly here are game related):


Hi, any updates for when the book releases ?