Godot Forum Lag

I checked this website response time just now, it said 192ms.
The forum felt so heavy to check a post to another.
Ms.Edge browser can’t even load godot forum.
Meanwhile, i can surf anything else just fine.


The forum loads very fast for me here – I’m in France with a FTTH connection, but it loads nearly as fast on a 4G network.

Which country are you located in? What’s your Internet speed (check using Speedtest or Fast.com)?

Do you use a VPN? If you use a VPN, is it a free VPN or paid one?


The forum is fast for me, too.


Discourse supports using CDNs for assets, we could look into that if this is a common problem. That way assets would be distributed around the world, and when you load the forum it would pick the CDN server closest to the user.

But for anything else than static assets, we can’t do much as the client needs to communicate with the server for anything that is dynamic (like, posting in a topic will always need to go to the origin server).

The server is located in Frankfurt (Germany) in a well connected data center, so in theory it should be quite fast even if you are far away.


sorry for late reply, didnt see these questions

i dont use vpn, but i do use cloudflare DNS. but especially for MS.EDGE, there is no cloudflare DNS.
it’s back to normal after a day
so it’s not really matter now
probably it’s just be like when a game got lagged but others fine
then it’s back to normal after a day

Cloudflare was having a Geoblocking issue recently, so I suspect you got hit by that.

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true, it might be that but my MS EDGE doesnt use that but it instead cant load the forum