Godot FPS is very low when window is not focused

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By stalker2106

I’m currently developping online features for my application, therefore, i have to run multiple instances of the game.

The problem is both games run fine, but the focused window has way better performance than the unfocused one. Which puts a lot of delay between the applications, the replication is laggy and i’m unable to debug it properly.
I saw in editor settings the “low processor mode” and its unfocused sleep usec parameter, but altering it changes nothing.

EDIT: I found that if no windows are focused, everything runs fine, but when i focus one of the two windows, it drops the FPS of the other. how can this happen ?

It seems like when my game used to be way smaller and less resource consuming (6 months ago), it did work perfectly side by side. (But it could also come from the fact we started on 3.2 and upgraded everytime a release came out to 3.4.2 today)

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Editor > Editor settings:
make it true

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