Godot Google Billing Library v 7 add-on

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I’ve created an addon for the Godot 4.2 game engine that integrates with Google Play Billing Library version 7. This module supports all the public functions provided by the library, handles all error codes, and can work with different pricing plans within subscriptions. It’s open-source and available on GitHub

I hope this addon helps you with your projects. Feedback and contributions are welcome!

You can check it out here: GitHub - code-with-max/godot-google-play-iapp: AndroidIAPP is a plugin for the Godot 4.2+ game engine. It provides an interface to work with Google Play Billing Library version 7. The plugin supports all public functions of the library, passes all error codes, and can work with different subscription plans.

Happy coding!


Hey dude! You’re a good soul, yesterday was looking for a plugin compatible with 4.2 V and you just appears on github few hours ago, good job my friend, do you think can you send me your email to contact you in any help? I’m also looking for a Google Play services plugin on Godot 4.2 that let you selects email, the actual one that exist on github it’s automatically logged in


I’m not sure how appropriate it is to post an email here. But it’s definitely available on my github profile.
In any case, you are free to ask questions.

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