Godot integration into a Qt application

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By schumi

Hey guys,

we would love to integrate Godot into a Qt6 application, as many tasks are already done there like network functionality, database access and also the overlay is done based on QGraphicsScene & widgets. Until now we embedded Ogre 2.3 engine and the integration works fine but lacks editor functionality as not all of us are familiar with C++ and the programming overhead is enormous in Ogre compared to Godot. In Ogre you use a Window handle which can directly create a render window used in a QWidget something like:

    Ogre::NameValuePairList param;
    param["FSAA"]=std::to_string( 4 );
    param["externalWindowHandle"]=std::to_string( winId() );
    _window=Root::getSingleton().createRenderWindow( "RenderWindow", width(), height(), false, &param );

Is there something similar in Godot? Can we us a QOpenGLWidget for example?
Can we use the upcoming GDExtension in v4.0 to act as an interface between Godot an Qt?
Are there any experiences out in the community to use Godot and Qt together? Any Examples or docs? Qt is such a great library and it would be a pity if it doesn’t work together with Godot.
Thanks & have a good day!