Godot performance using GDscript vs C# vs C++

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By siten0308


I am browsing through the engines, and i saw a couple of videos with Godot performance using GDscript, though i am impressed how easy the language is like python, however i am looking for performance because i slowly want to make small games, add onto them, or work my way up to advance projects that even can be made with unreal, but want to only do it in Godot.

However upon a video i found on youtube, it shows that GDscript does have performance drawbacks… minor, however can probably add up the more logic and objects you have in a VERY vast world. my question is… has Godot improved on performance with GDscript, or maybe with C#? i do know C#, however i am getting into C++, but that would mean i have to compile the entire Engine, and that seems know easy task… has anyone done c++ compile the entire engine and got good performance? so far i did try to setup c++ compiling but i couldnt figure it out (yet) but i will hopefully in time, but for now, i want to make a test game, and convert it to c++ to improve performance.

I am trying to convert myself away from Unity, though unity is not bad, Godot seems to have more rating, larger community, and open source (free), and has c++, which hits all the check marks i am looking for.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Any dynamic, scripting language is going to be slower than a compiled language, so C++ will always out-perform GDScript but I think maybe you’re worrying about things unnecessarily.

Make your small games and then worry about making your very vast world.

SleepyTom | 2018-12-28 07:59

What about c#?

SIsilicon | 2018-12-28 17:01

Ya what about C#? i assume C# would be better than GDscript since like @SleepyTom said, since GDScript is not compiled were as C# you compile it. so i would assume its

C++ > C# > GDScript

siten0308 | 2018-12-28 22:55

The answer to this question is going to be highly dependent on the game you’re making. That said, performance of the scripting language doesn’t matter much in most languages. If and when it’s an issue for you, you should look to converting the heaviest scripts to C++ or addressing it in some other way, but until then just don’t worry about it.

uzimonkey | 2018-12-30 08:24

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: timoschwarzer

As @SleepyTom said, don’t worry about performance too much until you got a limit. And then you can always use GDNative to get C++ grade performance