Godot vs Unreal - for a game similar to The Sims

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Amarildo


I’m developing a game similar to The Sims. I’m currently using Unreal Engine.
Right now the project only has options to select objects on predetermined locations, but the work for picking and dropping objects is done (though not shipped yet). You can take a look at the preview here.

Now here is my problem with Unreal: it cannot cast shadows on movable objects when all the light is coming from indirect lighting (in my case, cast by the Skylight).

As you can see on these images, none of the light comes from the interior of the scene. All the lighting comes from outside of the window and originates from an HDRi (Skylight).

Onto the questions:

Can Godot produce good lighting for architectural projects as Unreal does?

If so, can Godot cast shadows via fully indirect lighting?

Can Godot be managed via similar concept as Blueprint in Unreal?

That’s it,

From what I’ve read, Godot can do indirect lighting, but it has its drawbacks. Some of the light may “bleed through”, and have to be tweaked. Also, the user may need to have a powerful computer, depending on the amount of light.

See more information here on GI Probes.

Ertain | 2019-06-04 00:34