Godot WebSocket Connection

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Task: Write basic code for client-server interaction using WebSocket in Python (server side) and Godot 3.5.2 (client side).

Python - Server side:

import asyncio
import websockets

async def server(websocket, path):
    async for message in websocket:
        print(f"Received message: {message}")
        await websocket.send(f"Received message: {message}")

async def main():
    async with websockets.serve(server, "localhost", 8765):
        await asyncio.Future()  # keep running


Godot 3.5.2 - Client side:

extends Node

var ws = WebSocketClient.new()

func _ready():
    ws.connect("connection_established", self, "_on_connection_established")
    ws.connect("connection_closed", self, "_on_connection_closed")
    ws.connect("data_received", self, "_on_data_received")
    ws.connect("connection_error", self, "_on_connection_error")

func _on_connection_established():
    print("Connected to server")

func _on_connection_closed():
    print("Disconnected from server")

func _on_data_received(data: String):
    print("Received message:", data)

func _on_connection_error():

Upon running the code, nothing happens and no errors are being displayed.