Godot What kind of sound files can import from external sources? (And can edit it?)

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What types of sound files can godot import from external sources?
And can godot edit sound files? (mix, cut, anything)


in a few minutes you put more posts here than you can shoot a chain gun :slight_smile:

try searching the forums first to see if anyone has asked about it…

no offense just good advice

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I am sory for it but because of I cant find I asked. But next I will try to ask less.

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it’s okay to ask

Thanks for it @EX74 ! :smiley:
That means godot can import this types of files from external sources, no?

what exactly do you mean by external sources?

I mean to say not in res folder. For example you exported a game and it can import audio files from users file system. With this file formats it can be possible no?

thanks for it I will check