GodotCon 2024 - will there be one?


Here at Endless OS Foundation we are starting a collection of efforts related to engaging learners in the Godot game-making experience. Looking forward to sharing our work and achievements and getting more involved in the Godot community.

We are curious if there are plans for a GodotCon 2024, and if any approximate details can be shared (which month might it happen in, which continent?)


Hello there!

We are figuring out the details, but it will very likely be around November in Germany. As soon as we have a venue/date we’ll make sure to announce it everywhere so that people can start booking travel and accommodation as early as possible.

I know it is not much info but hope that helps!


@dsd You can sign up on their email list for Godotcon 2024 news:

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Thanks for the quick response. Yes, that is super helpful!