GUI | Text gets blurry on bigger resolutions

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So, I have a problem with the UI, in this case, with the text.
If you have a label in your interface, it will pixelate / blur on bigger resolutions. You can set a bigger resolution on the viewport on the Project Settings, but that will mess with your game camera, and you have the same problem on bigger resolutions.

I have my Project Settings as viewport / expand. The font is the default one, but I tried with other fonts.

Here are some screenshots of what’s happening:

Project Settings: Screenshot 20230320 095530 — Postimages
Original SIze: Screenshot 20230320 095558 — Postimages
Scaled Size: Screenshot 20230320 095616 — Postimages

If my Project Settings are 1920x1080: Screenshot 20230320 095933 — Postimages

I think this is expected as godot is essential just scaling the image and applying filtering as best it can (for example, you can see the same zooming in editor). Ideally, if your game is going to scale its fonts, changing the Texture settings (e.g. by changing filter settings), font size and scaling have the biggest impact; adjust to taste.

Favouring pixel-friendly fonts (e.g. like these: Kenney Fonts · Kenney) also helps.

spaceyjase | 2023-03-20 14:10

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Calinou

You need to use the canvas_items stretch mode to get crisp text at high resolutions, not the viewport stretch mode.

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