Help needed to add and sync object for players in multiplayer WebRTC game

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Hello. I trying to create simple air hockey game watching “Godot Over WebRTC! Using Nakama Matchmaking With Godot!” tutorial. To makes it easier, I decided to add my game over existing source code, because doing the other way around was too difficult for me. Here is my current version, where I cannot understand how to add shared and synced Puck object(RigidBody2D) for both players.

extends Node2D
export var player : PackedScene
#export var PuckShared : PackedScene
var ReadyPlayers = {}
func _ready():
	pass # Replace with function body.

func setupGame():
	for id in GameManager.Players:
		var currentPlayer = player.instance()
#		var currentPuck = PuckShared.instance() = str(id)
#		$PlayersSpawnUnder.add_child(currentPuck)
		currentPlayer.position = get_node("SpawnPlayerPositions/" + str(GameManager.Players[id].peer_id)).position
#		PuckShared.position = get_node("SpawnPuck/3").position
#		$PlayersSpawnUnder.add_child(currentPuck)
#		PuckShared.position = get_node("SpawnPuck/3")
	var myID = OnlineMatch.get_my_session_id()
	var player = $PlayersSpawnUnder.get_node(str(myID))
	player.playerControlled = true
	rpc_id(1, "finishedSetup", myID)

Commented code in this image = my futile efforts to make it work.
My project in archive - link
If you need to test it directly you have to run local Nakama server via Docker Desktop and launch 2 game instances via enter image description here
Thanks for your attention!