Help Using CardEngine Template

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v3.5.3.stable.official [6c814135b]


Looking for help with using the resource Template “CardEngine”. I’m new to Godot, with a little familiarity in programming languages, etc… sorta stumbling in the dark so to speak. At this point I’m just trying to figure out how to add my own card images instead of using the defaults.
I was easily able to swap out the single background image for the card backs with my own, but the Front of the cards I’m struggling with. The front consists of a Background image (texture attached to a sprite node in the ANIMCONTAINER>FRONT node), and then a collection of all the other images/text are layered on top of that background to make the card unique.
The template is based more towards Fantasy games like Magic The Gathering with all sorts of properties for power/damage/cost, etc… I don’t need any of that (not yet at least, but maybe modify for other purposes in the future) . I only want to assign one of my 62 unique card images to the front of the card and be done with it.
I used copilot to help me understand the code and the Node structure, etc. However, there are probably 20 or so scripts for me to piece together the logic of how they interact, but no documentation I can find! This template is capable of so much that it’s hard to just simplify it. Great animations and flow though.
If anyone has insight to using CardEngine I would be greatful for any help. Otherwise, any other resources to use more traditional card decks that can be customized / modified.
Thanks for any help provided!

This answer is not complete. This only shows how to change the cards used in the attached demonstration game and not the engine itself.
See my further reply.

Here is the layout of where the card images are:
In the image you see the Sprite2D nodes Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.
In his version they all use the same image that you can see on the right (Texture).
If you swap out his image with one of your own it will be displayed.
Like this:
The image the cards use is 304x208 and if you are going to use this system, you will make your life a hell of lot easier if you stick to that size.
It looks to me that you will have to build each your 62 cards manually using his system.
I haven’t taken a very close look though so I may be wrong.
Personally I would have made the card a resource or at least an inheritable scene with the images as export variables.
However his code runs well and does what it supposed to.
For you (and me)…
Using someone’s system comes with added difficulty because you have to decipher that persons code and intentions. With no instructions this could be very challenging.
This may not be all that easy but I will keep the code handy so post again when you get stuck.

Here is a link to the card engine I believe you are looking at.
I have taken a further look at this and there is just too much in this engine to operate without the authors help/instruction.
What we have in the github is the addon which is the engine and a demonstration program.
My original criticism was unfounded and in fact you do create cards via the engine.
But there is so much to it that without instruction it would take far too long to figure it all out.

It looks to me like this is both unfinished and abandoned.
From the readme:

Currently under development, do not expect it to work.

And the last meaningful activity was 3 years ago.
I hate seeing someone put this much work into a project and then letting it go. See it too often.

You can try posting an issue on his github and see if he will respond with some steps to help or reignite this persons passion for the project.

Alternatively, there were a few card game tutorials for GODOT when I searched.