Help with export and import

Godot Version


I’ve been trying for two days to export my project on my laptop, and move it to my new PC via Google Drive, I get the zip file, I put it in drive, and I try to import it, and it says it’s missing a project.godot file, I copy the one in my project and paste it into the zip file, the project imports, missing several assets, I look at how I exported it and notice not every box is ticked, I tick the boxes I try again, the folders in the zip file aren’t importing, I copy them from the file into my project directly, and then I seem to only be missing a few things here and there, but then a major issue occurs, the code is there, but I can’t see it, everything runs fine with a few new glitches here and there like mutiple enemies spawning at once when there’s only supposed to be one, but I can’t see the code, I know it has to be there because everything is running fine but when I open the .GD files nothing is in there, not even “extends (so and so)” so I delete this and try again, now when I import the project I can’t even get it to work, it’s the same zip files moved in the same way so I don’t know why anything is different, what am I doing wrong? How do I properly export and import the project, if anyone could give me a step by step guide or even show a video on exporting and then importing a project, I’ve done this before when I moved it from an old laptop to a newer one exactly how I am now, so why is it different?

I don’t know why you are trying to export the project. To transfer files from one computer to another, just transfer the files as is.

It says the import has to be a zip file how do I do it otherwise?

No, it can be a normal folder or a zip file. But the zip file isn’t the exported project, it’s the normal project that you have been working on.

Oh ok, I’ll go try that now, thanks