Help with JSON Dictionary (invalid get index on base Dictionary)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Macryc

Hi All-
Here’s my json dictionary:

"tomatoes": {"tomato1": "fresh","tomato2": "rotten"},
"carrots": {"carrot11": "fresh","carrot2": "rotten"}

I load/parse the file and save it to a variable called vegetables.


prints out fresh, as expected.

BUT, if I do:

var index = 1
var state = str("tomato",(index))

…which builds the string tomato1 and then try to use this to reference the key in the Disctionary, ie: print(vegetables["tomatoes"].state)

…I get an invalid get index “string” on base Dictionary.

Does the Dictionary not take a string as a key? How can I make this work?
I don’t want to type in the key manually each time, especially that my keys are going to be sequentially numbered (tomato1:, tomato2:, tomato3 etc) and I want to get the size of the dictionary and instance a button for each key and put its value on it, and I want to do this dynamically. Please help.

From your (maybe oversimplified) example, a list would be better

"tomatoes": ["fresh", "rotten"],
"carrots": ["fresh", "rotten"]


Tim Martin | 2020-09-10 13:30

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Zylann

It doesn’t work like that.

Writing some_dictionary.some_key is a shortcut for some_dictionary["some_key"], so if you write .state, GDScript will parse it as ["state"].

To fix this, use vegetables["tomatoes"][state].

Bingo. Thank you!

Macryc | 2020-09-10 12:22