Heroku URL with WebSocketClient()

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By hanley_chen
func _ready():
	ws = WebSocketClient.new()
	ws.connect("connection_established", self, "_connection_established")
	ws.connect("connection_closed", self, "_connection_closed")
	ws.connect("connection_error", self, "_connection_error")
	var url = "ws://localhost:8080"
	print("Connecting to " + url)
func _connection_established(protocol):
	print("Connection Established With Protocol: ", protocol)
func _connection_closed():
	print("Connection Closed")

func _connection_error():
	print("Connection Error")
func _process(delta):
	if ws.get_connection_status() == ws.CONNECTION_CONNECTING || ws.get_connection_status() == ws.CONNECTION_CONNECTED:

it is okay when i connect to local node server.
but when i deploy on heroku, and turn the URL var into “https://gdwebsocketdemo.herokuapp.com/
it come out with an error:

The argument ‘delta’ is never used in the function ‘_process’
getaddrinfo failed! Cannot resolve hostname
Condition ‘!addr.is_invalid()’ is true. returned: ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER

since i don’t have a fully understanding on websocketclient usage. what might be the issue. thank you.

btw. it’s an examples of gd-com-utils provided by Salsa2K.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: mkadirtan

Hi there,
I know it is a late reply, but in case anyone else is looking for this:

You need to specify a port in the url such as : “https://gdwebsocketdemo.herokuapp.com:8080