Hi! I can't post anything!

Hello, everyone!

Well, this forum seems to be locked down tighter than a waistcoat at an all you can eat buffet! I can’t attach more than one image to a help question and I can’t post in the Resources section at all.

Just posting here in the hopes it helps the forum algorithm decide I’m not an AI saboteur.

I think you just have to interact with stuff. Like some posts and read through them until you level up once.

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The rules at the moment are a bit strict because (even if it doesn’t look like) we are still under heavy attack from spam. Same as we had in the last forum, but this software is much better at catching them, so you don’t usually see it.

Three accounts were caught by the system in the last 10 minutes alone.

Every time I open the forum I have like 13 potential bot accounts waiting for approval. And in the mornings there’s usually a couple posts that were flagged by the community. If we relax the rules we’ll get more and more accounts able to post and pollute the forum for everybody.

We want to improve the experience for everyone, but we couldn’t find a perfect solution yet, we are just trying to find the best annoying/spam ratio.

I’ll see if I can up the amount of images a new user can post since I haven’t seen too many bots publishing several images (they usually like to post links to boost the SEO of a client).

Thanks for the feedback :pray:


I can understand caution about spambots. It’s just annoying.

@Emi who and why do this attacks?

Send a request to the moderators, not sure if it will go through.

Hello there! We’ll look into it :+1:

Thank you. Can you private message me on here? I deleted the email associated with the old account.

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You need to post in one of the subcategories. This way all resources are neatly organized and can easily be found by people looking for them. Nobody can post in the top-level category.

We do not restrict posting for new users. We only restrict images and links in the first posts, but once you read a few posts and spend time here the restriction is lifted. I’ve set your account to trust level 1, so you can now bypass these restrictions.

Also for others who might read this, if you need more permissions you can always send a message to the moderators inbox. We can update your trust level if you tell us that you are not a spam bot.