Hive Time - a PWYW bee-themed management sim

Build a hive, make some honey! Hive Time is a pay-what-you-want bee themed management/base building sim available on Harvest resources, grow your hive, and produce a new Queen before the current one dies.

Manage different bee roles in a totally scientifically inaccurate depiction of hive dynamics. Send Foragers out to find pollen and nectar, have Builders research new cell types, and ensure you have enough Beesitters to raise the next generation of bees.

Make interesting choices that affect the hive. Respond to wasp attacks, deal with outlaw slugs, or help a caterpillar realise a lifelong dream!


Today is World Bee Day (May 20th), and I just released a little patch for Hive Time, adding some new FYOF options, some new chat settings, 4 new bee facts, and some optimisations for large hives :honeybee: :tada: World Bee Day 2024 & v1.2-149 changelog - Hive Time by Cheeseness, Mimness