How can I access to parameters in another scene?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By KonjacWyx

I am attaching a 2D-label to a 3D-MeshInstance using script as follow:

extends MeshInstance

func _process(delta):
	var pos = get_translation();
	var screen_pos = get_parent().get_node("Camera").unproject_position(pos);
	$TextureRect.set_position(Vector2(screen_pos.x+20, screen_pos.y-120));

Now I want to generate many of this object, so I try to use a scene to contain it.

But Now my problem is how can I acces to unproject_position in the main scene?

I am a learner now so please forgive me if I am asking a stupid question, but I really want to get some help. Thanks.

what does your scenetree look like?

Wakatta | 2022-11-05 09:14