¿How can I delete a part of one sprite with other sprite?

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Hey everybody, I’m new here but not with godot, I’m triying code from '22 :wink:
my question is How can I delete a part of one sprite with other sprite?
Here is a pic of what I want:

I got a image (in red for example) and if I put over the other (the UFO) delete only the pixels of the UFO as the red one is on top. I think in photoshop this effect call ‘‘delete’’


this is what I want, one part (a sprite) when other sprite get into inside, just delete the part are inside and every frame actualize the sprite with the movement…

in the first video is there a animation, I need in a game, Is posible?

oh, no more replies…
nobody can help me so

¿How can I modify the location_x and location_y by code in the main script?

Whatever material the shader is attached to use:

material.set_shader_parameter(‘location_x’, value)

from the main gdscript.

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well, I’m really trying but I can’t do anything nice… (because I’m hiper mega noob)
time to study GLSL

Well, at least… I get it!

(Hint:) Try, try and try things instead you get in, look for more material and use the informatión to get your propuse…

Here is my code for anybody can need it or a future me next time, lol

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btw Thanks iamaware, I was triying a lot your answer until I put it in the correct place…

things that happend when I’m learning

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