How can i fix my viewportsize on Iphone X build?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By sudomate


I just started developing with Godot after some years with Unity.
That Node/Scene workflow is very fast and intuitive.

Now I wanted to export my game with the current ios template for an iphone x and an ipad. On the Ipad my viewport ends up at the screenborders.

But I have an issue with my iphone x export. The game holds the classic aspect and i cant expand it to the wider screen size. The result are ugly borders on the left and right side on the screen like many not updated iphone x apps.

How can I fix that?
What i tried until now:

  • I tried to set the window size on the exact iphone resolution - no changes
  • I setted the Strechmode to 2d and viewport - same issue

I tried some scripts with the OS object like set_window_maximzed(true) - no changes.

Now i hope you can help me solving that issue.

Thank You,

Solved: I used the wrong dummy splashscreen image size. U need to use the correct sizes in the export or the viewport won’t be fullscreen on iphone x!

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Calinou | 2018-06-28 07:48