How can I get my Tileset to animate at a specific fps?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Luke Fenstad

For my game, I want to have an animated tileset, but I can only change the time each frame is visible. Is there any way for me to set a specific fps for my tileset to play at?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: mikefrom1974

Create TileMap.
Select your TileMap.
Create new TileSet in the inspector.
Make sure your cell quads are set to the size of your tiles.
Click TileMap at the bottom.
Drag your tile set image into the left of the tile map panel.
DO NOT let atlas auto-create tiles.
You will see 3 options at the top of the tile set: Setup, Select, and Paint.
Choose Setup and set your texture region size appropriately.
Click on ONLY THE FIRST FRAME of each animated tile.
If the squares don’t line up your size is wrong.
Now go to the Select option.
Click on the first frame of the desired animated tile to select it.
In the properties list, expand Animation.
Set the Columns to the number of frames in your animated tile.
Under Frames, click Add Element to add the remaining animated tile frames.
Set the Speed to the desired number of frames-per-second.
Repeat as necessary.
Your tiles will now animate as desired.