How can i make a function graphic ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By victorcalebe

For example: do the graphic of f(x) = x^2 function

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Zylann

Here is one way to do it:

extends Node2D

func _draw():
	# Create an Expression from the formula
	var input_names = PoolStringArray(["x"])
	var expression =
	var err = expression.parse("sin(x)", input_names)
	if err != OK:
		print("Error parsing the formula: ", err)
	# Choose graph dimensions and scales:
	# In pixels on screen
	var pixel_xmin = 0.0
	var pixel_xmax = 100.0
	var pixel_ymin = 100.0 # in Godot 2D, Y axis points down, but we want up
	var pixel_ymax = 0.0
	# Graph area
	var xmin = -4.0
	var xmax = 4.0
	var ymin = -4.0
	var ymax = 4.0
	var inputs = [0]
	var prev_pixel_y = null
	# For each pixel along the X axis
	for pixel_x in range(pixel_xmin, pixel_xmax):
		# Convert X to graph coordinates
		var x = lerp(xmin, xmax, inverse_lerp(pixel_xmin, pixel_xmax, pixel_x))
		# Execute expression
		inputs[0] = x
		var y = expression.execute(inputs)
		if expression.has_execute_failed() or is_inf(y) or is_nan(y):
			# Skip this point
			prev_pixel_y = null
		# Convert Y to graph coordinates
		var pixel_y = lerp(pixel_ymin, pixel_ymax, inverse_lerp(ymin, ymax, y))
		if prev_pixel_y != null:
			# Draw line if we have a previous value to connect to the current one
				Vector2(pixel_x - 1, prev_pixel_y),
				Vector2(pixel_x, pixel_y),
				Color(1, 1, 0))
		# Remember last value so we can draw a line in the next iteration
		prev_pixel_y = pixel_y

I wrote a much more involved app in Godot to draw f(x) graphs: GitHub - Zylann/godot_grapher: A simple graphing application made with Godot Engine


Thanks for your response.

I have gone through this earlier.

However, my need is to draw a dynamic line graph on a rectangular sprite based on a button click.

How do I achieve this ? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

subhnand | 2021-07-12 11:40