How could a "Vehicle" Controller be done?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By StrikerSVX

Hello, StrikerSVX here again, for the past 2 weeks i’ve been trying to make a tank game based of my experiences with War Thunder, World of Tanks and the Mobile version of it, the problem is, i can’t understand how to aproach the movement for my game, i have some ideas of how i could do the movement, one of those ideas was to simulate the tracks and treads, but thats beyond what i’m capable of from my point of view, so instead i tried using the vehiclebody node, but making it work is just not fun.

So i decided that i wanted to keep everything simple, not because of laziness, but because i want the game to be fun to make and to play too, from my inspirations i know i’m going to need dynamic collisions to check for ricochets, bullet penetrations and more, so kinematicbody is not an availible choice since it doesn’t support concave collision, but looking on the internet i just see everyone teaching how to use kinematicbody to move objects and there almost not a single good tutorial on how to use rigidbodies properly that i know of, i tried just mashing code together until something sticks and even if i made some progress it didn’t seem fun to play with.

the basics of what i need the tank to be able to do is simple (i think): move forward and backwards, rotate left or right while moving forwards or backwards, rotating on the spot, rotating around a pivot (for example one of the tank treads is idle while the other moves the tank around), being able to go up slopes of at least 30-45° degrees and (if i could made bots or in the future i made this game into a coop/lan/multiplayer game) being able to collide with other tanks/vehicles (those being either players or bots).

i think (from my point of view) that the rigidbody node fits what i’m attempting to do (or atleast this part of my game since i planned to add wheeled vehicles, halftracks and even helicopter and aircraft but i’m starting to question if it even going to be possible) and i think that it shouldn’t be to difficult to implement something like this, but at the same time how could it even be done? from where should i even start? and is there some tutorial or even someone that could teach me how to do it properly? i really like the games from which i’m taking inspiration from, and i wanted this to be my pet project, something that i could be proud of making and not just another attempt or another prototype.

well, let me finish this TED talk XD and say that any help or pointers would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

This site is not about complex tutorials, it’s about concrete questions. Can you form one?

As for a tutorials, of course there are none, because it’s a very complex topic.
I’ve been recently working on a tank game and wouldn’t recommend this to someone without experience.

My (currently postponed) prototype

sash-rc | 2021-07-17 10:25

i’m sorry if it seems like i made the question to be complicated, but i’m just looking for help or/and pointers about how to approach this problem, there’s not a lot of places i could ask directly to whom could anwser almost “flawlessly” and i wouldn’t say that i not experienced enough, i been making “games/prototypes” for atleast 3-4 years and i know how the game design of a tank game works (from using real physics to faking it), but again as i said i’m looking for help or/and pointers on how to do something like it, getting someone who could teach me would be greatly appreciated but of course i’m not counting on it. Don’t get me wrong, i understand what you say and i’m not trying to start a fight, i’m just looking for help.

StrikerSVX | 2021-07-17 14:57

i’m sorry if it seems like i made the question to be complicated

The problem is that “teach me how to write game about tanks” is not a question.
Covering such topic could take a weeks to write a tutorials. I’m not exaggerating.

A proper approach would be to start researching the subject for yourself.
During this research you’ll define tasks for your future game and you’ll face a real problems, then you could ask a real questions.

Start with Vehicle. There’s a demo asset project.

sash-rc | 2021-07-18 17:49

Ok, thanks for helping, i guess i should try and do something more concrete before asking questions. I’m going to try and not make so broad questions anymore too.

StrikerSVX | 2021-07-19 14:56