How do I avoid this error: _process_packet: Invalid packet received. Requested node was not found.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Allen Kennedy Jr.

I am working on a multiplayer game.

After the player dies, it is removed it with queue_free, the news hasn’t yet reached the server yet, when the server attempts to update information in the Player. It’s not a specific rpc_id() call, but a general broadcast rpc() to inform all players of updated information.

The client then generates this error:

E 0:00:36.934 _process_get_node: Failed to get cached path from RPC:
Game/Player. <C++ Source> core/io/multiplayer_api.cpp:272 @
_process_get_node() E 0:00:36.947 _process_packet: Invalid packet received. Requested node was not found. <C++ Error> Condition
“node == __null” is true. <C++ Source>
core/io/multiplayer_api.cpp:204 @ _process_packet()

Even if the news does reach the server, other Player classes still exist, so I would expect this error to continue to pop-up…

How do I avoid this error? what should be done to prevent it? maybe clear the cache or something? how would I clear the cache?

Hey, I’m facing the same problem man, here’s what we have tried:

remotesync func removeProjectile():
queue_free()  (Error still gets thrown but heck)

func _on_Timer_timeout():

This reduces the problem but for those frames where the physics process is still being called the error still occurs :frowning:

Philip Andrew Wee | 2020-08-03 22:54