How do I display the grass, which I made in Blender?

Godot Version

godot 3.5


I can make grass in the blender ,But when I run it as an obj file in Godot, it displays a plain green screen

Depends on how you made grass in blender, make sure you are applying modifiers in the export dialogue. As a particle/hair system you are better off looking for a shader instead of such a mass of geometry, shell texturing like so fluffy delivers good performance and looks great head-on.

That is, Godot doesn’t support hair/particles

Godot supports particles

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You could bake each strand into the mesh, including any animations, but this is a very taxing amount of geometry.

Hair/Particles are a blender specific system, originally developed for that big buck bunny film. As far as I know no other program is going to support the same system. Godot has their own particle system, which is simpilier and must be converted to; but hair should be created as a shader.

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I don’t know about making a shader, How to make a shader

Look into some plugins first, I’ve posted so fluffy, there is also one just called simple grass.

Godot has some shader tutorials, covers basics especially implementing with Godot.

The techniques I think you’ll want for grass are shell texturing, and/or instancing.

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