How to access a file from res:// in the exported project

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By JensRenders


I want to include an executable (stockfish) with my app, such that I can run it using OS.execute(). This works if I run the app from the editor. The problem is, I don’t understand how I can access this file once the app is exported, as res:// is not guaranteed to exist. I tried copying it to user://:

	DirAccess.copy_absolute("res://stockfish/stockfish_" + OS.get_name(), "user://stockfish/stockfish", 1777)

but this copy fails:

ERROR: Failed to open stockfish/stockfish_Linux
at: copy (core/io/dir_access.cpp:346)

It probably fails for the same reason: res:// does not exist? It does copy succesfully when I run it from the editor, and then I can indeed use it from user://. For the Android export I can look in the .apk and I see that stockfish/stockfish_Android is included, yet I get the same error. So if res:// is not accessible from the code, how do I get a file into user://? Or is there some other way to access a file?

Thanks a lot!

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: JensRenders

I found the solution. DirAccess does not work on files in res://, but FileAccess does. So I created this function that copies files from res:// to user:// by creating a new file in user:// and writing all the bytes form the file in res:// to it:

static func copy_from_res(from: String, to: String, chmod_flags: int=-1) -> void:
	var file_from =, FileAccess.READ)
	var file_to =, FileAccess.WRITE)
	file_to = null
	file_from = null
	if chmod_flags != -1:
		var output = []
		OS.execute("chmod", [chmod_flags, ProjectSettings.globalize_path(to)], output, true)

The part about chmod_flags is there to control the permissions of the final file, just like in DirAccess.copy_absolute().

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