How to analyse my application errors ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By mustapha

I am integrating Game Analysis system in my application.
This system provides a way to track many events in the application such as session begin/end, progression, etc.
Amoung these events, they give a way to track the errors I could have in my application, so I thought it might useful for me (GameAnalytics Collector REST API Reference).

But i didn’t find a way in godot to have this kind of information:
How can I know that there was an error somewhere ?

  • I have first thought of a try catch system but there is no such thing in godot (I don’t miss it)
  • I have searched for an potential “error” signal that would be send by nodes
  • I have search in the notification system

I didn’t find anything.

Do you have any idea ?