How to combine GridMap and Navmeshes?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By minitrope


I’m trying to combine GridMaps and Navmeshes (Godot 3.0 stable) but can’t make it work.
I have a scene with a Navigation node and a GridMap as a child.
The GridMap has been made using a simple tile, from a meshlib.

The scene that have been converted to a meshlib looks like this:

 - Spatial
   - Plane (mesh instance)
     - Navmesh (mesh instance)
       - NavigationMeshInstance

In the scene, I’m trying to get the path between two Position3d nodes, but the list is always empty, even when used on the same tile.

Here is zip file with the Godot project: Alternatives to

Are Navmeshes not supposed to work with GridMaps? I’ve seen a few answers here suggesting they should, but from the sample project it seems it doesn’t.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: zen3001

This is a little late but for the sake of everyone else encountering the same issue…
All I had to do was

- Mesh
  - NavigationMesh

you can include collision shapes, static bodies and pretty much any thing you’d like under the mesh node too.
and have the gridmap be the child of a Navigation node
There’s also a demo you can easily access in the godot project browser