How to connect the custom property list to variables?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By WolframR

I think i understand this, but i don’t understand how the property listed and the variable that’s supposed to store it are to connect. is there a way for the editor to know that the property entry named “first” should be stored in the variable named first?

EDIT: figured it out. related to the answer i’m replying to, the usage variable is meant to store enumerations that dictate the function of the property entry.

PROPERTY_USAGE_EDITOR - makes the property visible in the editor. however, that’s all it does.

PROPERTY_USAGE_STORAGE - Tells the editor to save the value to the scene file.

PROPERTY_USAGE_SCRIPT_VARIABLE - does the same thing as storage? i think?

I can’t tell the difference between the storage and script variable enums and what that means for how i should access the values in the game code after they are set in the editor. storage seems to work fine in my code, but script variable doesn’t, so i know i must not understand what is actually happening to those values.