How to create a plugin for Godot 3.2? (Using new plugin system)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By mr.jahd

I am trying to start porting my 10+ modules from the Godot 3.1 module format to the new Godot 3.2 plugin format, and I finally understood how the new system works. However, I do not understand how I am supposed to create a plugin for Android + iOS.

It seems that new android plugins live in project/android/… and ios modules live in godot/modules/…

I was lucky enough to find some modules made for Godot 3.2 that served me as examples:

But none of them support iOS at the same time, like many of the Godot 3.1 modules (e.g. GitHub - kloder-games/godot-admob: Module Admob for Godot engine )

Btw: all the modules are and will be open source on github, and they will serve as examples on how to build Android + iOS plugins.

So, How do I build a plugin for Godot 3.2 that supports Android + iOS? Ideally, I should be able to just clone the repository of the plugin in some folder and it should just work for both platforms (no need to copy/move dirs).

i want to know too

Hector-D94 | 2020-04-23 02:17

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Good question.

Do you have a solution for this?


Joins. Please share if you have a good example :slight_smile:

bashan | 2020-04-04 14:38