How to deal with high res sprites and tiles in animations and tilesets?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By tobi


I’m currently doing the art for an isometric game for desktop. Since the assets are pre-rendered and not pixel art I’d like them to be in a higher resolution to have some detail.
For Example: I f I render my tiles in 256x256 there are already some details lost, so I’d like to have them in 512x512. Would that cause the tilemaps getting to big?

And how should I go for animated sprites?
For Example: I rendered a spritesheet with a character walk animation (25frames, 8 directions) in 256x256 (again I’d rather like to have 512x512). This spritesheet is already 6400x2048. That seems to be pretty big to me. What size should a spritesheet be at maximum? 4096x4096?

Is thre a way, to use this higher resolutions or do I have to use smaller images and live with the lost detail?

How do you handle this in your games?

Thank you for every advice.

Hi Tobi. Did you ever figure this out? This is my exact issue at the moment. Thanks in advance.

rnbws.ncron | 2021-11-07 16:32