How to deal with high res tiles and sprites in tilemaps and animations?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By tobi


I’m currently doing the art for an isometric game for desktops. Since the assets are pre-rendered and not pixel-art, I’d like to have them in higher resolution.
For example: If I render my tiles in 256x256 there are already some details lost, so I’d like to have them in 512x512. Would that cause the tilemaps getting to big?

And how should I do animated sprites?
For example: I rendered a spritesheet which contains a character walk cycle (25 frames, 8 directions) in 256x256(again I’d rather like to use 512x512). This spritesheet contains only 1 animation and is already 6400x2048. Seems pretty big to me. What size should a spritesheet be at maximum? 4096x4096?

Is there a way to handle this big sprites and tiles or do I have to use smaller images and live with the lost detail?