How to disable specific InputEventAction?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By d2clon

I am implementing a tutorial for my game. During the tutorial I want some of the InputEventActions to not have an effect until I have explained them.

I know I can play with Node.set_process_input ( bool enable ) (documentation). But this will disable all InputEventActions. I would like to only, temporarily, disable the “jump” InputAction for example.

Is this possible? How?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: zhyrin

The simple solution is to store the progress of the tutorial, and simply don’t process the jump action if it hasn’t been “gained” yet.

A more involved process is removing the input events associated with the input action at runtime, saving them in a variable, and re-adding them to the input action once the jump is gained.

You can use InputMap.action_get_events(<action_name>), InputMap.action_erase_events(), and InputMap.action_add_event(<action_name>, <event>).

It works as a charm:

var jump_input_events

func disable_jump():
	jump_input_events = InputMap.action_get_events("jump")
func renable_jump():
	for input_event in jump_input_events:
		InputMap.action_add_event("jump", input_event)

d2clon | 2023-06-29 16:27