How to fix missing nodes and references on an iOS build? (Cannot load resource from...)

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By anibal_universinside

Been making an online game app for iOS using Nakama, xcode builds without problems, but when the build is opened,some nodes load and work but it’s missing scripts and other nodes (I get nodes might not appear because of missing scripts). One of the scripts that cannot load uses nakama functions, but another one doesn’t use any online functions and it still cannot load

Everything in the editor build works fine and everything works fine when trying it on android. Also, when building on xcode, if the godot project folder was not linked to Xcode the app returns a black screen after the splash screen.

Is there something related to iOS programming that I’m missing or something related to the Xcode project? Like in android where the references are case sensitive?

Thanks for your help in advance

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: kidandcat

I have the same problem, my iOS build cannot load any scene or script when testing in a physical iPhone. (the export worked before Godot 3.5.1)

In my case, it was because a material was being imported Uppercase, but the file itself was lowercase. It looks like MacOS is not case sensitive, but iOS is.

After manually renaming the material (outside of Godot), everything worked properly.

PD: What happens with Godot error output is that, if something fails to import, it starts a chain of import errors. Check the very first import error you are having, it is probably the real source of the problem.

Hello, thanks to you answer , I started to investigate the case sensitive problem, and turns out that github is not case sensitive, so when I was commiting changes and then pulling them Ios was missing references because the letters I changed in the godot project where not updating, causing the reference errors. Maybe if this is your case you are having the same problem, I will answer to myself with the fix.
Thank you for your answer!!!

anibal_universinside | 2023-01-11 12:15

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: anibal_universinside

Update: I found the problem, I forgot to mention I was also working with github, and it seems that when you change namefiles to uppercase or lowercase, github doesn’t register these changes so they wont register in your repository. Ios is case sensitive unlike Mac, so the app was not working because of the letter diference in the script routes. In case you are having the same problem I fixed it easily cleaning my github cache and adding all the files back just like they do in this article.

PD: Thanks to kidandcat for their answer that lead me in to looking into this.