How to import png map into tilemap in scene?

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image dead -_-


I had an png map here, i want to import it into godot like an tilemap (convert png map file into tilemap object in godot), how should i do? i can’t find anyway about it in google

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: starmelonstudio

Go to the Scene box on the top left > Right click on the Node you want to add the Tilemap in > Select Add Child Node > Type in Tilemap > Click Create.

Now, click the Tilemap you just added in the Scene box > Then, in the Inspector on right top click on Tile Set drop-down and select New Tileset.

The Tilemap editor is opened at this point where you can add Texture(s) to TileSet equivalent to Tiles > There is a tiny [+] sign next to a tiny trash can where you can import your PNG file.

Then follow this part of the tutorial if you like