How to make a grid movement in a 3D Map

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By MaximoTG98


Im new with Godot(not new to programming but also not expert),i completed the step-by-step tutorial of Godot Docs and also the Jeremy Bullock basic 3D game tutorial.

I’ve been making some research about the ways to make it. But i still don’t get it at all.Im not asking for the code just the things that i need to know to make it by my own(i really want to learn about godot)

So,what i’m trying to achieve:

  • Create a grid-based movement system (take for example XCOM or Into the Breach)
  • With a limit of how far you can move
  • And get a UI to show to the player every single box of the grid(let me know what is better,a hand-crafted tile?grid? map or generated by code)

Spanish is my main lenguague so forgive me if i made any typos or i didn’t express myself feel free to ask me whatever you want.

Y si el español es tu lengua nativa no me hagáis como un amigo que conocí.


:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: PixiePal

It sounds like your attempting to create a TURN-BASED Tatic-like gameplay situated on a grid map.

There’s been games since 1990’s that have done this(Sega Saturn Mystria), but you may want to check out a title called RAGNAROK ONLINE that has a similar grid-like based movement, except the turn-based was replaced with real-time turn-based combat.

With limited movement, you may want to restrict this to pertain the PLAYER CLASS object at any given time.

So something like a player.left_MOVE(4);

For the UI, do you want certain blocks on the grid to highlight when the user HOVERS over that area? Or, do you want to appear in a mini-map? Will you count objects in this or not?

Hi PixlePal,

Yes,i’d like to have some type of highlighting when the user hovers the tile so they can see where are they going to move.
Mini-maps are always useful but i don’t know how to do it,instead making mini-map i’m going to focus on making atleast the grid, and then read if there is some type of cover/wall in that tile so if you count that as a object the answer is yes.

MaximoTG98 | 2018-08-01 09:28