How to make a navmesh for an area of a heightmap meshinstance

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By CyberEssayons

Hello all,

I created my game world using the wonderful plugin Heightmap Terrain by Zylann. This has worked relatively flawlessly for me so far save for one problem: I have to create some kind of Navigation Mesh for my AI. This mesh is a bit too large on its own to simply bake a navmesh for the entire thing (I tired and ended up crashing Godot lol).

I would like to find a way to take only a portion of this mesh and create a navmesh from that. Either by creating a MeshInstance copy of that section for the NavigationMeshInstance to build off of, or by using that section directly. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to solve this on my own I have come to a stalemate.

To list some of the things I’ve tried (and why they seem to have failed):
Copying the HTerrain node and trying to edit it in Godot in a new scene (turns out I couldn’t find a way to crop out everything else)

Exporting the heightmap and creating a matching mesh in Blender to edit on (apparently Blender really hated every form of heightmap I gave it because the best I got was a flat plane with four differently heighted sections)

Trying to use the Godot shaders to import the height map and maybe figure out how to crop the map itself around the sections I needed (I’m still kind of working on this option)

Search the internet for someone with this same problem and see what they did (There’s one youtube video where someone mentions using a partial heightmap navmesh, but they didn’t do that solution for a video…yet at least)

Search here for similar problems (apparently I’ve created a unique trap for myself).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: smix8

The NavigationMesh has a baking AABB to limit the source geometry that gets baked to an area.