How to make a sword swing like in this video

the animation looks procedural

It is pretty easy to do this, first you gotta add the nodes he used.
Also don’t forget to make the hitbox the child of sword_sprite.
Use an animation_player to create a simple animation(The animation is not procedural rather it moves and rotates at a fixed value). To attack in all directions he just rotates the whole node containing everything. In this way

    ┃  ┖╴Hit_Box(Area)
    ┃     ┖╴CollisionShape2D

Thank you for the answer!
I wondering how he made the swing effect (the swing trail), it looks procedural, the author answered in comments " I just keyframed a Polygon2D node into a crescent shape within the swing animation player, fast way to get something testable". Can you explain it?

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Dont know that much about godot just started using it.

What the author meant is that they animated the polygon2d with animation player and just played the animation when you swing the sword. Checkout how to use animation player node.

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