how to make anything happen when you press right and left at the same time?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By skylabelmho

My kinematic2D character has a jump, double jump and fall animation, I can move from right to left without problems in the air and on the ground.
The problem occurs specifically in the air, when I press right and left at the same time my animation jump, double jump or fall are interrupted.

I need some scrip to indicate that when I press right and left it doesn’t stop my other animations or something like that, please help.

here my scrip for de jump, doble jump and fall:

func _input(event):
#doble salto
if jump_count < MAX_JUMP_COUNT and int(Input.is_action_just_pressed("ui_up")):
	velocidad.y = -vel_salto
	jump_count += 1
if jump_count > 1 and !MAX_JUMP_COUNT:
	jump_count == MAX_JUMP_COUNT

func _move(delta):
    if velocidad.y > 0:
            in_air = true

Can you post the code that handles your left/right movement? Also, what is !$"DSalto") supposed to do? Specifically, I’m wondering why you have a ! in front.

Also, and this is not so important, but just so you know its “script” with a “t”.

Eric Ellingson | 2019-08-21 03:57