How to make circle without draw() function in project?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Yozhik

I want to make a circle in 2-d space, i’ve got a top-down project. Recently I realised, I can use draw() or draw_arc() function, to draw it properly as I needed, but now I faced a new problem.
I have added shaders to my project, and cuz of 'em my shaders won’t work. They just don’t work with drawn objects, therefore I need a new solution. Should I use just a sprite (img) with circle, or are there any other better options?
Thanks in advance for any info.

Is there any way to incorporate the shaders into the CanvasItem that comprises the drawn circles?

Ertain | 2021-12-28 05:17

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Yozhik

Found a solution by myself, If you had the same problem, try to draw it with Particles2D. Just make particles emit by ring (Emission Shape), and there you can set the radius of inner and outer circles, and scale of particles.

That’s an interesting solution. I will have to try it. Another way is with a shader but needs code.

Andrew Wilkes | 2022-09-11 10:48